Larger Corporate Businesses

The team at Trident Tax has the skills and experience to help larger corporate businesses in relation to the particular tax management challenges they face. We also work together with other professionals in our network of close contacts and associates to bring clients the fullest range of expertise required.

Issues where we can provide expert, practical help to larger corporate businesses include the following:

Tax Dispute resolution

We help our clients establish the facts, analyse the tax issues arising, identify the best arguments and present them to the tax authority in the most compelling way to achieve the best possible outcome for the business. We have deep experience of achieving successful negotiated settlements, including the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes; and where a settlement is not possible we can help prepare and present cases at Tribunal. Our work in this area would include tax disputes with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK; and we can also help with tax disputes in overseas territories.

Tax Risk Management

We help our clients take a practical approach to the assessment and management of tax risk across the whole business, using recognised tools and methodologies. This is relevant for those businesses within (or about to come within) the UK’s Senior Accounting Officer regime; and also for any large business wishing to adopt good practice in the management of tax risk (in UK and overseas operating territories).

Specific compliance and legal obligations

As the legal framework for tax compliance and transparency continues to evolve for larger businesses, we help our clients understand the impact of new regulations and respond in a practical, sustainable way. For example, this includes:

  • The legal obligation for larger businesses to publish a “tax strategy” annually within Finance Act 2016 – we have experience of helping design and implement appropriate tax policies/strategies for larger companies. For more information, download our leaflet on tax strategies, below:
  • The particular challenge for larger businesses, especially in the financial and professional service sectors, to show that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion by those working for the business – this will be a statutory criminal offence by the business taking effect 2016/17 onwards.

Transfer Pricing & “BEPS”

Our team’s focus areas here include the following:

  • Providing independent challenge and validation of the implementation of Transfer Pricing arrangements (this will be a key area of challenge from tax authorities around the globe in the post-BEPS environment), either in advance of or in response to a tax authority enquiry;
  • Providing practical advice on the approach to the Country-by-Country Reporting obligation for the largest multi-national businesses, including providing independent challenge and risk assessment of data prior to filing.
  • Working with other professionals in our network of close contacts we can also introduce expertise in the economics and design of appropriate transfer pricing arrangements, and options for using existing and new IT solutions to support data collection and reporting.

Please contact us at Trident if you are a larger corporate business in need of expertise and insightful, practical help with the management of your businesses tax obligations.