Sinéad Mulligan

Sinéad graduated University in Forensic Science in 2010.

Sinéad joined Trident Tax in 2011 as a Tax Consultant, where she studied for her ATT examinations. To date Sinéad has obtained Certificates of Competence in Personal Taxation, Corporate Taxation and Business Tax and Accounting Principles.

During her time at Trident, Sinéad has completed numerous voluntary disclosures under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, as well as Code of Practice 9 Investigations, often carrying out extensive analysis of client information. Sinéad has gained experience in defending HMRC enquiries from HMRC’s local offices through to Specialist Investigations and Anti-avoidance teams. She has also resolved several settlements with HMRC on EFRBS and EBTs.

Sinéad has also worked on a range of tax advisory projects involving the Transfer of Assets Abroad regime and non-resident trusts, mixed funds issues for non-domiciled individuals and advice on the Statutory Residence Test.

Sinéad has also had Tribunal experience in an important tax case addressing the source of interest and withholding tax.