Tax Efficient Business Structuring

Whether you want to grow your business within the UK or internationally, UK tax issues need to be managed and monitored to ensure unnecessarily high tax costs do not reduce post-tax distributable profits or the realisable value of the business.

Our team has many years of experience advising both domestic and international clients on the key tax issues that most frequently impact business profits.  Early planning for business growth or international expansion should ensure that clients maximise post-tax profits whilst meeting all of their UK tax compliance requirements.

We adopt a hands-on approach working alongside our clients to ensure that you understand what is required from a tax perspective in having overseas operations, the level of business activities required if operations are located in a low tax jurisdiction and how best to manage both the local and UK tax risks of any overseas operations.

We can also advise on sale and any pre-sale restructuring plans from both the corporate and shareholder perspectives.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspects of your business plans and, in particular, how to structure your plans tax efficiently then please contact us.