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Our business is very simple: we are experienced tax specialists with offices in London, Manchester and Solihull. 

We provide advice on a wide range of tax investigations, corporate tax and personal tax issues. The business is independent and is run in a highly personalised way, which suits our clients and allows us to stay focused on what clients want from us; helping them deal with HMRC and providing sound tax advice to help them plan for the future.

We have very deep experience of dealing with HMRC investigations of all kinds from the most serious tax fraud investigations to complex technical enquiries.  Our team has gained this experience over many years within the tax profession and as senior tax inspectors at HMRC.

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, families and owner managed businesses and providing them with commercially sound and practical tax advice. Our advice is always based on commercial reality, founded on experience of what is and isn’t acceptable to the tax authority; we believe it’s best to be realistic from the outset and not be disappointed later.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is that tax advice has to be practical rather than theoretical and genuinely reflect the individual needs and circumstances of our clients. That’s why we don’t deal in tax “products” or “solutions”. Instead, we look at every situation individually and provide bespoke advice that achieves your objectives as a client. Because we are a small organisation we naturally put our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Our office locations across the United Kingdom

Our People

We are a small team and deliberately so, as that allows us to develop strong and personalised working relationships with our clients.