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Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

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Tax law is notoriously complicated and often open to interpretation…

Where our clients are under enquiry or in dispute with HMRC, our approach will involve marshalling all reasonable arguments to resolve their tax positions professionally and in their best interests. If we think we have an arguable case, we will pursue this robustly. However, if we think your case is weak, we will explain why rather than waste time and money on futile causes.

Our philosophy is that litigation at the Tribunal and beyond should be avoided if practicably possible and our approach is to use our technical knowledge and professional experience to ensure that the issue or dispute is resolved without the need for formal hearings.  Sometimes, however, reaching an agreement with HMRC cannot be achieved.  In such instances, ADR could be the solution.

ADR involves a specially trained HMRC officer, who has not previously been involved in the dispute, facilitating a confidential and without prejudice discussion between the taxpayer and HMRC. The objective of the discussion is to resolve or narrow the issues in dispute.  We have helped many clients resolve disputes covering a wide range of different taxes, via the ADR process.

If you are in dispute with HMRC and feel that communications have broken down, or that matters have simply reached a stalemate, please contact us for a free, confidential and no-obligation initial discussion.  We will give you our honest opinion as to whether ADR is appropriate and how we can help.