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Our experts at Trident Tax run and present at a number of different training and corporate events throughout the year. A full list of events is available below, for more details please get in touch.

4 May 2022 – Tax Breakfast Club

Tax Breakfast Club – “No Privacy for UK property owners: the new UK register for overseas entities owning UK land or property” will be presented by Alan Kennedy of Trident Tax and Steve Lawless of Salus Life. It will examine the new legislation introduced in March 2022 requiring non-UK entities to register the beneficial owners of land and property in the UK.  We will look at the potential issues created by the new register and consider insurance as an option for any IHT exposure non-resident beneficial owners may face.

25 November 2021 – Tax Breakfast Club

Tax Breakfast Club – “HMRC Information Powers: A practical approach to HMRC enquiries” will be presented by Nigel Brown and Richard Wynne and will examine the scope and limits of HMRC’s powers, the challenges to advisors when dealing with enquiries and practical advice for tackling HMRC information requests.

23 September 2021 – Tax Breakfast Club & Tax Lunch Club

Tax Breakfast Club – “Taxation of UK Residential Property: major changes and current opportunities” will be presented by Ryan Conlon and Richard Wynne and will examine the implications of the wide-ranging changes to the taxation of UK residential property held through trust and corporate structures and consider opportunities for restructuring existing arrangements.

Due to a high demand a lunchtime session has now been added.

Online • 9AM

24 November 2020 – Virtual Tax Breakfast Club

Tax Breakfast Club – “HMRC Domicile Enquiries” Alan Kennedy of Trident Tax will examine the importance of domicile and how it is evaluated, as well as why it is such a critical factor in determining an individual’s IHT, CGT and Income Tax position.


15 July 2020 – Virtual Breakfast Tax Club

Breakfast Club – “The Loan Charge – Where are we now?” John Griffin of Trident tax will examine the new tax landscape for EBT/EFRBS (“DR loand schemes”) as a result of the changes to the loan charge in the Finance Bill.   The session will also cover the underlying liabilities associated with DR loan schemes.

Online • 9AM

16 April 2020 – Virtual Breakfast Tax Club

Breakfast Club – “Property tax changes (April 2020) a practical approach” Christine Hood of Trident Tax will follow on from our last session on the inheritance tax issues arising for non-residents investing in UK property we consider further some of the practical changes since 5th April 2020 on holding UK property.