24 November 2020 – Virtual Tax Breakfast Club

Tax Breakfast Club – “HMRC Domicile Enquiries” Alan Kennedy of Trident Tax will examine the importance of domicile and how it is evaluated, as well as why it is such a critical factor in determining an individual’s IHT, CGT and Income Tax position.

15 July 2020 – Virtual Breakfast Tax Club

Breakfast Club – “The Loan Charge – Where are we now?” John Griffin of Trident tax will examine the new tax landscape for EBT/EFRBS (“DR loand schemes”) as a result of the changes to the loan charge in the Finance Bill.   The session will also cover the underlying liabilities associated with DR loan schemes.

16 April 2020 – Virtual Breakfast Tax Club

Breakfast Club – “Property tax changes (April 2020) a practical approach”  Christine Hood of Trident Tax will follow on from our last session on the inheritance tax issues arising for non-residents investing in UK property we consider further some of the practical changes since 5th April 2020 on holding UK property.