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Being under enquiry with HMRC, in whatever form, is never welcome.  Whether enquiries are routine and prompted by the submission of a tax return or more serious, perhaps because HMRC suspects tax fraud, dealing with HMRC can be worrying, time-consuming and potentially costly.

Whether the focus of an enquiry is an individual, a company or a trust, our team of former tax inspectors and tax investigations specialists have extensive experience of helping clients to achieve good outcomes. Our approach is to focus initially on understanding your specific facts and circumstances to help us identify exactly what is driving HMRC’s interest in your affairs. We will then formulate a realistic and practical action plan to get things resolved calmly and professionally. We will help you stay in control, keeping you informed of your rights and options and involved when you need to be, without burdening you unnecessarily.

Tax enquiries generally

Experience shows that whatever the form a tax enquiry takes, acting promptly is important.  HMRC will not forget about it; it will not just go away.  The sooner you seek advice the better.  We will engage with HMRC on your behalf, manage timescales for the delivery of requested information and, in the event that adjustments to your tax affairs are required, help you to minimise financial penalties.

Code of Practice 8 and Code of Practice 9 (COP 8 / COP 9 investigations)

More serious investigations are dealt with by HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service (FIS).  They carry much greater risk and specialist advice should always be sought.

COP9 investigations (often termed the Contractual Disclosure Facility) are commenced where HMRC suspects tax fraud.  Taxpayers who proceed down this route can secure immunity from prosecution provided they cooperate fully with HMRC.  There are strict time limits to observe, making early consultation crucial.

Our approach to resolving tax enquiries and investigations

HMRC enquiries and investigations can be stressful and disruptive and may have serious financial and other consequences. Our calm, professional and focused approach will give you the reassurance and sound advice that you need.

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