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New addition to our team…

New addition to our team…

We are delighted to announce that Gary Clarkson will be joining our team very shortly.

Gary has a wealth of experience in a long career in tax, having previously been a senior inspector in the Large Business Service and Special Compliance Office at HMRC,  tax director in a “Big 4” firm and is joining Trident from a large law firm.

Gary’s areas of specialism include:

  • tax investigations, with a particular emphasis on Code of Practice 8 and Code of Practice 9 investigations conducted by HMRC Specialist investigations, as well as all other types of HMRC investigations and enquiries
  • dealing with HMRC on all forms of tax planning, ensuring inspectors work within their statutory powers,  ensuring alternative remedies are considered and that the best possible outcome is achieved
  • negotiating settlement of unpaid taxes with HMRC quickly and at the best terms whether by settlement with the local office informally or via prescribed disclosure facilities such as the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
  • Gary has also considerable experience in ensuring proposed or on going transactions are progressed in full knowledge of the potential tax issues arising.

Gary commented:

“As HMRC become more and more active using APN s to accelerate tax demands, and increasingly intrusive information powers I find it crucial to surround myself with the specialists who can deliver my clients an excellent service. Trident have those specialists, the best in their field. Joining them ensures I can deliver the best for my clients”